An Archive of daily life #8 - The accumulative schemes of objects and their determinants


Access to the project can take place in three stages: The renting of the apartment, the participation in a dinner party and visiting the website. The renting of the apartment is for a minimum of two nights in which the visitors will enjoy the house and may acquire any objects available for purchase.

The participation in a dinner party, requested on the website, that will be cooked by me and with me, talking about art and life. This dinner will have a participation certificate. Accessing the website, besides requesting the rental or the dinner party, it is possible to acquire the certificated photographs that artistically catalogue the objects.

The price of each photograph is € 30.
The photograph will be mailed. The price of the service for one is:
National Priority Mail € 0.75 + € 1.70 Registered Mail | International Priority Mail € 3.10 + € 1.85 Registered Mail