An Archive of daily life #8 - The accumulative schemes of objects and their determinants


An Archive of Daily Life #8 - The accumulative schemes of objects ans their determinants, more precisely an interactive art installation, that requires the visitors participation.

This project emerges in sequence of all my installation work and reflection about everyday objects, that focus on the artist's home/habitat, as an art installation.
My home as an artist, is hereby presented as a space of artistic creation within the context of everyday life, that involves a certain use, and requires the visitor’s active participation. It's through this use that this artistic project gains its full meaning, it's through the use given to it by the visitor that the project comes to life.

As an artist, the design of my home is made through my artistic knowledge and sensibility, within a space of total art, in a fusion between art and life, where countless operations occur, using technics and artistic aesthetics identified with the Readymade, the Assemblage, the Performance which are part of my artistic language, and which characterize Post-Modern Art.

The use of everyday objects is a part of that language, explored while searching for a total art, the relation between art and life, that I aim to achieve, while maintaining the use of the objects and the house in their own space, and not transporting them into a museum and out of their context.

Therefore, it's an art-installation which claims the presence of visitors to come and live in it, with it and through it, either by renting it for some time or just participating in an event in this space, interacting with the work of art as well as being a part of it. Thus, total art happens through this interaction, by the visitor's actions within the artwork itself.

The house is kept intact, oblivious to the legitimacy and transformation of occupied spaces by exhibitions in museums, art galleries or exhibitions centers, and by the de-virtuousness of the functionality and status of the objects that make up the installation. The installation presents itself as the appropriation of a living dwelling in its function as a place of residence. As an artist's residence, it is consciously exposed to a number of aesthetics and conceptual operations, which in my case, explore the seduction of everyday objects that make up and intervene in our lives. Life is a sequence of events mediated by objects, by everyday objects that normally we do not pay attention to, because of their triviality and the automatism with which we look at them or use them, it is, nevertheless, with them and through them that we are able to live. The relevance of objects in our lives, how they determine our relationship with the world, and the way our choice of objects shows our own identity, is thereby emphasized by exploiting their accumulation, as though cataloguing life and showing our identity. This cataloguing was made through the photographic documentation and inventory of all objects included in B.Q. #8, while cataloguing my life as an artist, these photographs being available for purchase.

Access to the project can take place in three stages: The renting of the apartment, the participation in a dinner party and visiting the website.

The renting of the apartment is obligatorily for two nights stay in which the visitors can enjoy the house and may acquire any objects available for purchase.

The participation in a dinner party, which can be booked on the website, and which will be cooked by me, is taken over conversations about art and life. This dinner will have a participation certificate. In the website, besides booking the apartment or the dinner party, it is possible to acquire the certificated photographs that artistically catalogue the objects.